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Roger Guenveur Smith and Spike Lee are truly gifted individuals. Please air that story again.

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Newton special was one of the finest presentations in this age of glamour and glitz. Roger G.

Huey P. Long: (Jerry Skinner Documentary)

I am sure there were many, if they watched at all, were horrified, and more than a few had to indulge in a bit of grave turning. It should be shown again and again. Conversion is always possible. I had no idea this was going to be on and just happened to catch it - very powerful performance, and an amazing study of Huey P.

Newton the man, the revolutionary, and his persona. I have read extensively on the Black Panther Party For Self Defense and do believe they had the most focused program for revolutionary change in this country. While they stood up to the racist power struture with guns - it was in defense of the oppressed - IN DEFENCE - and even more importantly they created programs to give the community the things it was lacking - health care, food You must put their interests in your program from the beginning - This program was inspiring and sad.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Roger Guenveur Smith did an excellent monologue. This is one of Spike Lee's most outstanding works. I couldn't dial the telephone fast enough to order it. This will definitely be a part of my family's black history library. Aileen Hamler, Cheltenham, Pennsylvania This was an incredible film.

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Smith's performance was electrifying and poignant. What was most impressive about this piece aside from the stunning use of visuals was the way that Smith provided the audience with an insight into Newton, not just as a controversial figurehead, but as a complicated - and all too human - individual. I really enjoyed this production.

This should be required viewing for anyone eager to understand the legacy of the s and the turbulent heart of a revolutionary. Newton was riveting! The best 90 minutes of TV viewing I've experienced in ages. Newton's spirit lives! Middlebrooks, High Point, North Carolina Last night I witnessed a phenomenal event and one of the most dynamic and riveting performances by an actor I've seen in recent memory.

I'm speaking, of course, about "A Huey P.

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Needless to say, the video is now a must obtain item on my list and I plan to spread the word to my friends and colleagues about just how awesome and earth-moving the experience of the film and performance is and will no doubt be for a long time to come. Kudos to all involved. Smith as Huey P. Unfortunately, the power forces of which are phantom and visible are still employed by the 'White man' still today Feb What would it be like in this region if the Mexican people and Native Americans banded together to fight off the power hungry evil forces that headed westward?

Of course the answer is that the Mexicans and Natives would've still lost.

The KING Of Illusion (how a celebrity traded places with Nathan McCoy)

Because developing destructive firepower by the ex-Brits is about the only thing they have been good at all along. Look at the automobile and appliance industries. What do you drive? Where was your camera made? I heard a Black woman say along time ago, "We have to work twice as hard for half as much. Jesse Castillo, Campbell, California Hi! What a fantastic piece of work.

As a something white woman, I had no knowledge of Huey P. Newton before seeing this film: high school history barely touches on the black panther party, and not at all in college history. This movie was really educational for me, and gave me more insight on where this country came from, and where we've been, and a little about where we may be going.

One Friend (ft. Huey Williams )

Congratulations to everyone involved in the film, particularly R. Thanks for the education. Last night I watched A Huey P. Newton Story on my local pbs station and was so impressed with Roger Guenveur Smith's performance. I am old enough to remember when the Black Panthers were active. In fact, my sister's boyfriend used to sell the Black Panther Party newspapers. I swear, I wish I had kept some of those!

Obituary: Huey Lee Morris

Additionally, a local man who lived in my apartment building was shot down in the street - in broad daylight - by the police in the early s. I felt that A Huey P.

Newton Story captured the essence of HPN as well as made it plain that he was indeed "a human being", like the rest of us who was held to an almost impossibly high standard. I was dismayed to hear he had died and more so because of the way he died. A Huey P. Newton Story brought back memories of civil rights activity in Cincinnati - one of the most conservative cities in the world in the s and early s, it has not changed much since then.

Is the play still running? If so, please consider bringing it to Cincinnati, it would have a receptive audience. I teach African and African American history in an educational enrichment program and will include this video as a teaching tool about the s. Debra Brown, Cincinnati, Ohio I would like to thank all of you involved for allowing me to sit, listen to, dig with, and almost have a conversation of souls with Huey Newton.

I never got the chance to experience the time or the person. I have never witnessed a performance of such talent and hypnotizing realities. Thanks again. Eric Ward, Denton, Texas Phenomenal! The passion, energy and commitment is outstanding. This is an incredible performance that will spark many conversations. I had never seen a performance like this before and watching it made me want to find out more about Huey P. Newton, the actor himself and all the people involved in this inspiring performance.

Huey Long Summary & Study Guide

I Love it!!! Newton Story. I imagine the highest aspiration of all of these parties is to tell a story that's truth resonates to all receptive people in a way that inspires and moves those people. I can't imagine ANY person who would not be touched by this collaboration. Kevin C. Newton Story, I couldn't help but put the remote down for 2-hours straight! This film is extraordinarily educational, exceptionally enlightening, and extremely entertaining!

I even learned more about myself. Great Work!!

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