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The exchange procedure was reviewed and improved to the JRR-3 start-up channels exchanging manual.

Understanding graphite cores in nuclear reactors

Following the manual, exchanging work would be carried out adequately. JRR-3 uses shell and tube heat exchangers. The secondary coolant flushes into the tubes and the primary coolant flows outside of the tubes. The heat exchangers are cleaned with the ball-cleaning method, which is a method to clean inside of the tubes by passing the sponge balls with secondary coolant. Decline in the performance of heat exchanger could rise temperature of the primary coolant and then influence the safe and stable reactor operation.

The effective way of ball-cleaning for JRR-3 heat exchangers is examined based on past cleaning data. The results show the optimal ball size and the way to determine the cleaning time.

In order to sustain safe and stable operation of JRR-3, it is necessary to measure and indicate appropriately the process values such as flow rate of coolant with the process instrumentation facilities of JRR Whenever reactor facilities such as cooling pump or measuring device are maintained or refurbished, the process instrumentation facilities are calibrated with the appropriate criteria established by considering overall accuracy of the facilities. In this report, for all of the safety protection system, a part of the process instrumentation facilities, accuracy of each component and overall accuracy of the system are compiled.

Using these date, the process instrumentation facilities would be maintained more effectively and objectively.

[원서] - Research Reactor Instrumentation and Control Technology (IAEA TECDOC-973) (1997)

On the conversion from aluminide fuel to silicide fuel, burnable absorbers were introduced for decreasing excess reactivity. The burnable absorbers influence reactivity during reactor operation.

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So, the burning of the burnable absorbers was studied and the influence on reactor operation was made cleared. The Office of Science has a library of videos that showcases our research.

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  • Instrumentation and control systems of the JRR-3M. Full Record Conference: View Conference. Abstract The instrumentation and control system of the JRR-3M consists of its constituent systems of neutron instrumentation, process instrumentation, reactor power control, reactor protection, engineered safety feature stating and process radioactivity monitoring.

    The system is designed and constructed under the laws, standards and criteria of those days with a satisfactory quality assurance program. A specific feature of the system is an extensive introduction of computer systems with a process computer and a management computer. Publication Date: Oct 01, Product Type: Conference.

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